Insights that deliver real savings
Showing you where savings can be made before, during and after a procurement.

Every transaction, cleansed and linked,
ready for you to analyse.


Benchmark savings

The detailed insight you need to understand how and where to make savings.

Comprehensive data

Detailed spending data on over 300 organisations across Central, Local and Health.

High quality data

Fully categorised spending data to UNSPSC standard, for every organisation.

Multiple options

Benchmark against budget, number of employees, or sq footage to rank your organisation.

New insights

New ways of looking at data to help you find the best way to reduce costs and optimise usage.


Find the right suppliers

We link to companies, charities and care establishments so that you can know your supply base better than ever before.

All the data

Spending with over 200,000 individual companies serving the public sector.

Economic development

Encourage economic development by identifying small or voluntary / community suppliers.

The best deals

Identify the best deals in place with specific suppliers, compare your bids against those deals.

Get the savings

Find out which suppliers successfully reduce spending for their clients over the long-term.


Manage contracts and control spending

Monitor spending on a month-by-month basis against contracts to get early warnings of overspend.

Contract compliance

Monitor contract compliance, spot when off-contract suppliers are being used.

Aggregate demand

Find other buyers using the same suppliers, explore new options for aggregating demand.

Stop overspend

Monitor spend against contracts every month, get early warnings of overspend and control it early.

Perform effectively

Know what is happening to spend and prices across your market, know which suppliers perform.

Access live data on public spending for free.

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