Understand your market like never before
Suppliers use Spend Network for market insights and to make informed bid / no-bid decisions. Get the lastest data and use it in your own systems.

Every transaction, cleansed and linked,
ready for you to analyse.


Understand the opportunity

The detailed insight you need to make robust bid / no-bid decisions.

All the insights

Know who bought what from whom, linked, categorised data ready for use by your analysts.

5 years of data

Over 5 years of detailed data on categories, suppliers and buyers, from right across the public sector.

Clean data

A single format for all the data, so your analysts can combine data from across the public sector.

Multiple sectors

Data from key sectors, including Central Government, Local Government and Health.


Know your competitors

Know exactly how much they earned and from whom.

All the data

Spending with over 200,000 individual companies serving the public sector.

Detailed data

Precise data on the individual companies trading with government, including size and location.

Know their book

We track spending across the public sector, so you can see exactly where they are doing business.

Focus on targets

Find out who is currently serving your targets, and target your rival's customers.


Make better bid decisions

The information you need to make the right bid / no-bid decision.

Is it profitable?

Find out what the incumbent is earning and how much they've grown the business.

Will you win?

Compare your rival's win rates, how much do they earn from their contracts, when do they lose?

Know the history

Discover the buyer's history, know who is doing more business with them and who is doing less.

The winning bid

Know what prices are winning the business? Find the most likely winning bid for your tender.

Access live data on public spending for free.

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