About Spend Network

Understanding what we do.

What is Spend Network?

Spend Network provides insight and analysis for public sector spending. We work with public procurement and finance data to help suppliers and government to forge lasting partnerships.

What data does SN gather?

We gather the spending data published by over 300 different public sector bodies, think of it as the bank statements of Government. We have collected this data since 2011 for most bodies.

How does SN process the data?

Firstly we gather and standardise the data so that it can be analysed together, then we link the data to buyer and company records before categorising it to a common standard.

How do you categorise the data?

We categorise the data using a combination of human intelligence and machine learning algorithms. So we use over 80m lines of data to intelligently align each transaction to the UNSPSC standard.

Using the data.

How can I access the data?

You can access the data freely on our website at any time, or you can pay for us to provide the data to you either in a raw form, or via a custom dashboard. There are more details about on our pricing page.

Can I compare between buyers?

Our data is standardised and linked, so you can pick out a category of spend and then compare spend on that category between different bodies, or between different regions or sectors.

What about suppliers?

We link the data to suppliers, so you can compare the activities of one supplier against another across the whole of the public sector. You can look at groups of suppliers and trends for a supplier.

What about corporate groupings?

We can build corporate groupings for you so that you can track the activity of a corporate and build a picture of that group's business across the public sector.

Understanding the data.

Where does the data come from?

Each publisher publishes this data in spreadsheets on their own websites, we have gathered the data from over 9,000 different files hosted on over 300 different websites.

How up-to date is your data?

We have set up automatic routines to collect the data as soon as it is published, some of the data requires manual processing, so it is as current possible, which is often quarterly in arrears.

How accurate is the data?

We work hard to make sure the data is accurate, we use algorithms to check the accuracy of the data and we contact publishers whenever we find issues in the data.

What data do you store?

We store the most current data we can from Central Government, Local Government and the NHS. If we're missing any data, we'd be happy to source it for you.

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