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Tender data fields

29 fields including:
Source and URL
Buyer country
Dates (start, end, release)
Value & currency
Buyer Organisation
Categories (CPV)
Buyer Address

Contract data fields

26 fields including:
Source and URL
Buyer country
Dates (start, end, release)
Value & currency
Buyer Organisation
Categories (CPV)
Buyer Address

Spend data fields

70 fields including:
Buyer organisation
Transaction description
Buyer sector
Accounts payable codes
Value & currency
Service area / department
Supplier & supplier id
VAT paid
Supplier type
Category of spend

Data enhancements

24 fields including:
Clean country name
Clean buyer name
Clean address data
Category name
Category code
Procurement type
Category of spend

Great service

Great products need great service.

Skilled account managers to answer your questions, escalate your requests and help you find the right opportunities.

Advice and guidance to help you make the most of our data. Our deep, technical expertise is all part of our service.

Finding, adding and fixing sources is all part of our service.

Detailed alerts and monitoring for our systems, so that you and your users can be constantly informed about our issues and fixes.

We’ll tell you where every record was source from and when it was gathered.

You’ll always know when you’re using enhanced data so that you can distinguish enhanced data from source data.

Case study.

The Problem

The Scottish Government faced a pressing challenge: they needed a comprehensive grasp of their procurement procedures. This encompassed not only understanding the intricacies of their procurement processes but also evaluating their capacity to promote economic development within Scotland. Additionally, they sought to monitor and reduce carbon emissions generated by their procurement activities while identifying opportunities for substantial cost savings.

Our Solution

To address these complex challenges, Spend Network offered a sophisticated solution. We provided the Scottish Government with access to our enhanced data through our API, equipping them with the tools to gain a more profound understanding of their procurement processes. This data-driven approach enabled them to analyze procurement activities at a granular level, helping them identify areas for improvement, assess the impact on economic development in Scotland, and track carbon emissions more effectively.

The Outcome

The outcomes achieved through our collaboration have been significant. The Scottish Government now possesses a comprehensive understanding of their procurement operations, extending beyond traditional procurement metrics. This newfound knowledge empowers them to enhance reporting and analysis significantly. They can now make informed decisions to promote economic development more effectively and implement strategies to reduce carbon emissions. Furthermore, the insights derived from our solution have paved the way for identifying substantial cost-saving opportunities within their procurement processes. This holistic approach to procurement management has positioned the Scottish Government for more efficient and sustainable operations, ultimately benefiting both their constituents and the environment.

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