Biosecure Procurement Trial

The UK Government yesterday announced new measures for domestic tree seed production and biosecurity procurement requirements.

The next round of the Domestic Seed Sourcing Grant is set to be allocated, with £747,000 awarded to boost domestic tree seed production, create green jobs, help meet the increased demand for trees and achieve our ambitious net zero targets.

Back in 2021, the England Trees Action Plan 2021 to 2024 was developed, setting out the UK Government’s vision for England by 2050. The plan provides a strategic framework for implementing the Nature for Climate Fund and outlines over 80 policy actions the government is taking over this Parliament to help deliver this vision.

Part of that plan included a commitment to introduce a new biosecure procurement requirement for suppliers of plants and trees to government grants and contracts. This means that suppliers will need to demonstrate that they can meet the Plant Health Management Standard. They can do this by providing one of two types of evidence, either:

  • Current membership of the Plant Healthy Certification Scheme or official application and fees paid to join the Plant Healthy Certification Scheme, with full certification achieved within one year


This new biosecure procurement requirement, that will make sure green spaces are better protected from pests and diseases, is currently being trialled. more information can be found here for the England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO) and Tree Health Pilot restocking grants.

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