Canada Levels Up Procurement For Young Entrepreneurs.

Canadian not-for-profit organisation Futurpreneur,  has partnered with the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC), on a project to diversify the Canadian Government supply chain. Futurpeneur is a not-for-profit organisation, providing financial and mentoring assistance to young entrepreneurs. CAMSC is a not-for-profit organisation that certifies and prepares Aboriginal and minority-owned businesses to commercially engage and respond to corporate and government organisations.

The partnership is focused on balancing diversity for small businesses through an inclusive supply chain and mentorship opportunities. “The pandemic’s disproportionate effects on minority-owned, small businesses are a reminder that we are not all on equal footing,” said Kevin Garcia, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Futurpreneur. “Helping diverse businesses grow and succeed, is part of a commitment to enrich the communities they represent across Canada.”

The organisation’s impact studies have quantified benefits that include innovative product design and sourcing solutions, cost savings, improved employee retention, local job creation, stronger brand loyalty, and increased revenues.

With over 100 corporations as members, 450 certified suppliers as partners, and another 100 new suppliers in the process of being certified, the CAMSC network reports having directed over $1 billion (CAD) in spending during 2020 alone.

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