EU Council Joint Procurement Under European Peace Facility

The European Union Council has adopted an assistance measure worth €1 billion under the European Peace Facility (EPF) that will further contribute to strengthening the capabilities of Ukraine to defend its independence against  Russian military aggression.

The EPF was created in 2021 to support partners around the world in the areas of military and defence, with the objective of preventing conflict, preserving peace and strengthening international security and stability.

This new measure will support joint procurement from suppliers producing ammunition and missiles in the EU or Norway. The supply chains of these operators may include operators who have their production outside of the EU or Norway. The measure will also cover deliveries of ammunition and missiles which have undergone an important stage of their manufacturing in the EU or Norway which consists of final assembly.

To be eligible for EPF reimbursement, procurement contracts must be concluded before 30 September 2023 under the existing European Defence Agency (EDA) project or through joint acquisition projects led by a member state.

This decision by the EU council marks a move to Track 2 of the Council agreement of 20 March 2023 of their three-track plan, intended to speed up the delivery and joint procurement of artillery ammunition following the Council agreement.

It was preceded by Track 1,  which was the approval of another support package under the EPF worth €1 billion that allowed the EU to reimburse member states for ground-to-ground and artillery ammunition as well as missiles donated to Ukraine from existing stocks or from the reprioritisation of existing orders during the period 9 February to 31 May 2023. Track 3 will be  an Act in Support of Ammunition Production.

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