From Ok,To Good, To Great.

We like a challenge.

That’s why our goal is so clear and bold: to gather every public tender and contract in the world and make it freely and openly available.

But that’s not all we do. When we get the data we also need to make it useful. It isn’t enough to just present a document, it has to be findable. It has to be analysable.

So our job isn’t just to collate every document, but also to curate each one, to create a resource that can be used to create insight.

It is not enough to make every document available, we also need to give our customers the best data in the world.

At some level we’re making a bet, that large amounts of clean, analysis-grade data can change the world of public purchasing, making it less susceptible to fraud, more efficient, and more competitive.

Our customers push us each day to create new insights, to improve our work, and deliver better services. It is a privilege to share the journey with them.

Get in touch, to talk to us about your procurement data needs, or how we may be able to help with our research and insights.

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