Making Your Own Export Platform?

If you are building your own export platform, sourcing, organising and analysing your data has its challenges. Here are some of the most common challenges we see:

Finding The Right Data.
Bid teams’ time is valuable, and poor information can make the difference between a useful product or not. It’s common to have questions around potential sources of leads, whether leads are valid or expired and whether you can even apply for them.
The Spend Network team have decades of experience both in finding the sources and identifying them as leads.We find leads very quickly and if there’s one we’ve missed (there are hundreds of thousands of authorities around the world), we can collect it.

Getting The Sources.
The government procurement market is worth $13 trillion, globally. Getting the low hanging fruit is relatively easy, but it won’t capture everything. In theory, public bodies must publish to certain sources, but did you know that compliance to some major government portals is only around 75%? This is why we go further with our data, beyond the low hanging fruit to include regional and city sources.

Getting The Data Right.
Perhaps your data is all over the place. Maybe one source of leads has 5 different dates and 4 different values. Between multiple sources of leads, you may have name inconsistencies such as buyer, procurer, authority. And these will almost certainly be in multiple languages. We structure and map the data across the world so that it’s all in one single format that you can build a platform from.

Updating And Fixing Data.
Sources change all the time. TED is undergoing a major overhaul. Fed Biz Ops changed to SAM. Sources also break either outright or fields get changed. We work on a constant cycle of identifying and fixing feed issues.

Users tend to hate duplicates. After seeing the fifth identical notice on a platform, users often switch off metaphorically and literally. To promote engagement, this needs to be addressed. We do this with an algorithm that’s trusted by central government and the blue chip private sector alike.

Overseas Management Consultancy.
How quickly can you find management consultancy leads in LATAM or SE Asia across several languages? This can often takes a lot of people power and resource. With our AI powered tool, you can find the information you need in seconds.

Building your own data platform can be a minefield. It’s very easy to get things wrong, but we are here to help. Our simple API login can provide a turnkey solution within hours. You’ll have full reuse, full republication, for all historic data, in one flat monthly fee. No extra charges.

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