New Support For Canadian SME Traders.

The Government of Canada recently released its 2022 Federal Budget. Within it was an announcement of an intention to establish a Trade Remedy Counselling unit (TRC) to improve access to Canada’s trade remedy system for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Canadian producers can use the trade remedy system to request an investigation against specific countries whose exporters are allegedly selling dumped or subsidised goods into the Canadian market. Canadian SMEs can find it difficult to supply the information requested by investigating authorities in trade remedies proceedings.

The new TRC service will aid companies in preparing complaints and other applications, requests, and representations. These changes present some of the biggest opportunities for Canadian SMEs, given the complexity of the trade remedies system. The unit could significantly improve outcomes for SMEs by improving access and making the process comprehensible and more predictable.

The TRC aims to level the playing field and help preserve a fair and open trading environment for Canadian producers. Without it, foreign producers could sell goods in the Canadian market at artificially low and unsustainable prices, undermining the ability of Canadian producers to compete, particularly affecting SMEs.

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