New Tech Disrupts Traditional Government Procurement

A Silicon Valley startup, GLASS, has created a revolutionary new tech, Glass Commerce, an e-commerce marketplace enabling compliant transactions between government buyers and verified vendors, including small businesses, without bids or paperwork.

Glass Commerce is designed to power local Business to Government (B2G) relationships resulting in the purchase of goods, services, software and rentals under $25,000 (USD).

Paola Santana, founder and CEO of GLASS said “GLASS has enabled U.S. government agencies to procure over 5.8 million items in record time.Through our products, GLASS aims to transform governments with category-defining e-commerce solutions,” Surpassing $4 million in sales, Glass Commerce has become a major player, powering local government marketplaces for small purchases, streamlining operations, and leveraging procurement data for over 31 Federal, State and Local government agencies.

The company has just secured  $3 million in  investment  to expand its impact throughout U.S. government agencies through investors including New Age Capital, as the lead investor, followed by Newtopia VC, Alcove Capital, SV Links, Kittyhawk Ventures, One Planet VC, Worldgate Group, Alchemist Accelerator, Tubbs Ventures,
Capital Plus Financial, Corporación Inmex – NOA Capital Corp. and PeopleFund Inc.

Funding partner, Sara Gandini Gubinelli, Investment Analyst at Newtopia VC said about the partnership;
“Look for founders who are aiming to solve massive problems and transform the industries where they
operate. GLASS’ goal is to build the next generation of public procurement platforms in a multibillion-dollar and legacy industry that can not remain immune to the technological and digital revolution,” Other funding partners include One Planet VC, who said  “GLASS is leading the way in creating sustainable practices and making a positive impact on society through innovative, tech-enabled solutions. Our investment in GLASS represents our commitment to promoting innovative, sustainable solutions and we are excited to support GLASS in achieving its goals.”

The funding, along with investor and advisor support, will enable GLASS to accelerate its growth both
nationally and internationally. Find out more information about GLASS here

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