New Provider Selection Regime: A Guide for Healthcare Bid Managers

The Provider Selection Regime (PSR) introduces five distinct routes for procuring healthcare services in England. While the Competitive Process remains an option, the regime emphasizes streamlined procedures, including Direct Award Processes A, B, and C and the Most Suitable Provider Process. Bid managers must familiarize themselves with these routes to effectively position their organizations for new opportunities.

Embracing the Key Selection Criteria

Under the PSR, authorities will assess providers based on five key criteria: quality and innovation, value, integration and service sustainability, improving access and reducing health inequalities, and social value. Bid managers should ensure their proposals demonstrate excellence in these areas, setting their organizations apart from competitors and aligning with the regime’s objectives.

Preparing for Streamlined Processes

The PSR introduces a standstill period of 8 working days after the notice of intention to award, allowing providers to make written representations if they believe there has been a non-compliance. While the right to challenge potential breaches via the courts is limited, providers can appeal to an NHS England independent review panel. Bid managers should be prepared to navigate these streamlined processes and leverage available review mechanisms when necessary.

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