Securing The Competitive Edge.

Are you an exporter looking for leads for your exporters?

Do you want to help your in-country teams build more partnerships within their territories?

Why not tap into our database filled with millions of global leads and opportunities.

We are your key to a $13 trillion government procurement market.

🌍Bulk Data: We have millions of points of Tender data, Contracts data and Projects data from over 700 sources around the world going back 12 years.
🌍Live Tender Opportunities: We get thousands upon thousands of leads ever day. This means your teams and exporters will be more informed
🌍More Quality Data: We not only get national portals but sub-nationals too. We do much more with the data, by adding granular category codes and recommendations for ‘similar tenders’.
🌍Plug and Pay: We can integrate our data to your existing systems, so even if you already have some tenders, we will add significantly more quality leads.
🌍Clean Data Feeds: We have clean buyer names, clean country names mapped to ISO, all within data mapped to a consistent format (
🌍All Historic Data: We’ve collected global data for 12 years.
🌍Looking to match leads to profiles or build alerts? We’ve helped with that too.
We’ve worked with central government bodies and blue chip private sector firms alike to create this level of analysis.

-Reuse and republish as you see fit.
-Start immediately. Access all of this with an API key.
-One simple, flat subscription per month.
-No product? No problem. You can white label our dataset.

If you’d like to know more, Alex in our team would be delighted to have a chat-

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