SME Action Plan to Boost Government Procurement

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has announced an SME Action Plan to create a more level playing field for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in government procurement. As a sales or bid manager targeting public sector contracts, it’s essential to understand how this plan can open up opportunities for your business.

Key Objectives and Measures in the CCS SME Action Plan:

The plan focuses on objectives like timely payments, contract transparency, and removing barriers for SMEs. The government has set a target to pay 95% of undisputed invoices within five days and all within 30 days. Tenders and contracts over £12,000 are published on Contracts Finder, while high-value contracts above £138,760 (including VAT) can be accessed through the Find A Tender Service.

Success will be measured through SME spending data and case studies. The aim is to increase SME benefit from central government spending, with departments sharing success stories.

Planned Strategies to Increase SME Engagement:

The CCS has outlined eight strategies to achieve its goals, including maintaining high-level visibility of the plan, enhancing collaboration through the SME Working Group, simplifying procurement processes, improving market engagement, encouraging SME-friendly contract structures, boosting digitisation for a smooth user experience, and promoting cooperation.

What the CCS Plan Means for Your Business

For sales and bid managers in SMEs, this plan means focusing on removing barriers so they can compete effectively for public sector contracts. With more transparent tenders, simplified processes, and digitisation, it should become easier for them to navigate procurement and showcase their capability.

As the CCS evolves its approach, this action plan represents the government’s commitment to fostering an inclusive, diverse supply chain. There will be increased opportunities to demonstrate how your SME can deliver innovation and social value through procurement.

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