We Go The Extra Mile

With national, federal, and regional tender portals, it is easy to get an idea of the public procurement marketplace. But in truth, these are only scratching the surface of a $13 trillion dollar marketplace. There are almost 100k public entities in the US alone. Even a smaller country like the United Kingdom has thousands of entities, each with its own budget purchasing goods and services.

We not only collect these major portals but also go the extra mile for our clients.

Whether it’s sub-threshold tenders and contracts, or csv’s published by local and regional bodies, we gather this data wherever we can find it and provide our users with a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Not only that, we deploy our machine learning scripts to collect and provide much more data and information than originally published. Anyone can find a publicly published notice on TED or a CSV buried within a local authority’s webpage but doing this at scale and providing additional granularity, such as accurate, comparable categories, address data or de-duplication takes hundreds of thousands of person-hours of development work.

Fortunately for our users, we have already done this and more. This means that your bid teams, your analysts, and even your developers have a wealth of data to work with and create better outcomes for your teams, through new products for the marketplace, increased bid and win activity, or analysis of trends across goods and services categories such as IT or Management Consulting.

If you’d like to talk to us about your data needs, get in touch.

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