Aus. Audit Office Taking Submissions

A few months ago we wrote about the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) investigation into the procurement practices of government-funded infrastructure.

The ANAO has now launched a new inquiry into the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) and their procurement of ICT-related services. The DTA came under fire back in 2020 by the ANAO for the way it established the Digital Marketplace panel. The criticisms saw the DTA restructure its business last year, with its service delivery and project management responsibilities removed, while still being tasked with providing whole-of-government advice and strategy on procurement, working with major providers like big four accountancy firms and global software companies.

Despite these changes, the ANAO is now looking further into the federal government’s digital office to understand:

  • Has the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) established a sound procurement framework?
  • Has the DTA conducted procurements effectively?
  • Has the DTA managed contracts effectively?

The ANAO welcomes members of the public contributing information for consideration when conducting performance audits. “Performance audits involve the independent and objective assessment of the administration of an entity or body’s programs, policies, projects, or activities. They also examine how well administrative support systems operate.”

Submissions on these issues are being accepted until the end of March, with the report due to be tabled in September.

If you’d like to talk to us about our global government procurement data, or our research and insights capability,please get in touch.

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