The Key To A $13trn Market Is Just A Login Away

Developers are a precious resource. You want them deployed on the most critical projects and for their time to be best used.

But what if you had the data on a server ready to go? If your only barrier to millions of tenders, contracts and spend records is a login and password ? What if this data is plugged in to a platform that empowers analysts to produce their own dashboards?

With such an option, you can test any ‘proof of concept’ without tying yourself into a commitment. This means that your development team can be better briefed with a clearer specification, while you have the time to conduct a feasibility and business case.

We can do this at scale, from tranches of historic data for analysis, through to current data on key categories such as pharmaceutical opportunities and mini-database of procurement data. We can also do this in real-time, updating to a cadence that suits your team’s needs.

Above all, when you’re ready to scale up, so are we, by updating this dataset or through our API.

This proven approach has worked for a variety of our users, be it adding companies in our contracts data to your organisation’s metrics, identifying public entities in a country, or sizing the public sector market around clean or unclean energy,

Your data and your product are just a login away.

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