Create A Bespoke Spend Category In Days.

When opening up most banking apps, it’s amazing how vague the transactional information is.

How can you identify key savings in the broad-reaching ‘entertainment’ or ‘leisure’ bucket? How can you build a green profile of yourself when ‘travel’ is clumped together?

This is a wider problem in business. Have you ever looked at financial reports and wondered, ‘What’s the breakdown of this data?’

Well, so do many accountants!

The good news for data experts, is you can improve your financial analysis by programmatically breaking down spend data. Within days, you can classify and break down spend data into a category structure that suits your needs. With industry-leading spend categorisation, even those transactions containing just a few words can be put into clearer classifications.

We’ve already created the tools to do this, proven across multiple classification structures. And because we’ve done this time and time again across millions of rows of data, we can do it for you in days.

Yes, days.

This means, that whether you have hundreds of thousands of transactions or hundreds of millions, we are ready to make your data work for you.

Your spend classification can even work across multiple languages. This is perfect for businesses that cross span borders or continents.

Regardless of whether or not you have data to share with us, we have hundreds of millions of spend data points to work with, providing the peace of mind that your spending structure will be accurate, proven, and easy to use.

We’ve put together this handy comparison of a DIY versus our API approach to show how we can fast-track your data processing and aggregation.

Drop us a line to talk more about how we can fast-track your data business.

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