Details Matter

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Last week, we had an article featured in the Financial Times.

Working with their team is always fantastic.

They cut through to the issues and need to know that everything is right.

The night before publishing, we were discussing one of the figures “Was it safe to say that Hesse really spent €700m on masks?”

Yes, and no.

The original notice is here

Within the notice, it shows two values, one for €700m and one for €7m.

It would have been easy for us to say “Yes, they’ve spent 700m”. We had a defensible audit trail and a good story.

We both decided it wasn’t safe to publish the €700m figure, we couldn’t be 100% sure. It was tight to the deadline, but we still needed to be right.

Better to be safe.

Better to keep to our standards.

Better to do our utmost to be right.

Details matter.


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