Policy Proposal: Analysts In Place

Data is critical to the functioning of government. Policies and services live or die on the quality of data. Successes and failures can often be shaped by the decisions teams make at the outset of a project, especially regarding data.

Data integrity, good data design and proper policies to govern data are too vital to ignore. That’s why we think we should have a policy that every contract or project in government that is worth over £10m should an appointed data analyst to help in its delivery. Someone who knows about referential integrity and can ensure that a project’s data is going to be usable in the long term.

Delivery is about building solid foundations and expanding from that base. Let’s do delivery with data at its heart.

At Spend Network, we have government procurement data for more than 150 countries globally. We take the hard work out of collecting, organising and analysing procurement data at scale. Get in touch to find our more about our data products and services.

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