Rebuilding Ukraine: How Businesses Can Leverage the DREAM Platform for Impact and Opportunity

Businesses looking to enter and grow in the promising Ukrainian market should consider leveraging the new Digital Reconstruction Ecosystem for Accountable Management (DREAM) system. This digital platform offers a transparent, efficient way for businesses to participate in Ukraine’s massive reconstruction efforts as the country rebuilds from the destruction of war.

Transparency and Accountability Through DREAM

With damage estimates exceeding $135 billion from the first year of the war alone, Ukraine’s reconstruction needs will require at least $411 billion, according to estimates – 2.6 times the country’s 2022 GDP. To manage this daunting challenge, Ukraine launched DREAM at the Ukraine Reconstruction Conference in London on 22 June. DREAM provides a central digital hub to coordinate and oversee all stages of reconstruction projects, from planning to funding to completion.

DREAM will provide a one-stop platform to monitor and manage all stages of Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction projects. The vision is to go beyond supporting “just” a transparency and reporting portal to have a digital ecosystem that integrates real-time damage assessments, budgets, project planning, procurement and delivery. The same “everyone can see everything” principle that underpins Ukraine’s award-winning Prozorro procurement system will be embedded in DREAM.

Discovering and Monitoring Projects

For businesses, DREAM offers a straightforward way to discover vetted reconstruction projects across all regions of Ukraine. After browsing projects centralised in the system, companies can select opportunities matching their interests and expertise. Once the project is selected for funding, it can be tracked through the implementation pipeline: developing procurement needs, tendering, choosing suppliers, construction, and auditing.

DREAM’s umbrella system integrates with key government platforms like Prozorro, the State Electronic Construction System, the Diia “government on your smartphone” app, and the State Treasury System. This consolidated view, combined with intelligent analytics, helps users flag potential roadblocks or issues early, such as lack of local resources or capacity.

Forging Local Connections and Expanding in Ukraine

The project-based structure also facilitates networking with relevant regional authorities and communities. Businesses can forge valuable local relationships to support on-the-ground operations and expansion in Ukraine. Over 1,500 government users, 5,000 projects, 24 regional restoration services and more than 500 municipalities are already covered by DREAM as of July 2022.

Major global institutions like the European Investment Bank, World Bank, and USAID also use DREAM for funded initiatives, validating the system’s effectiveness for international work in Ukraine. All local authorities must register qualifying projects in DREAM to receive financing from Ukraine’s State Fund for recovering from Russian aggression. As of 1 August, 159 regional and local projects received UAH 6.6 billion (EUR 165 million) from this Fund, and another 139 projects are in the pipeline for approval.

For ambitious, civic-minded companies, participating in rebuilding a country that has inspired the world with its resilience offers immense opportunity – both in social impact and future market growth.

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