Data Works: Ensuring Quality Through Validation

When is something right?

We process over 150,000 records a month. Our database now has more than 150m rows in it. We can’t view every record when we enter it.

Instead, we validate it. We check that each record has what our users need; a deadline date, a description and a buyer.

We also check that our key sources produce data every day, so we’ll always know if something stops publishing.

But sometimes knowing that something is there, or that it is valid, isn’t enough.

So we’re doing more. We also monitor not just whether something is there, but whether it is truly valid. We want to know if a field that was full is now empty. We want to know if a source that published about four records a week is now publishing just four records a month?

It might be that the source has changed.

But better to make sure.

Details matter.

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