EU Awards New Gas Aggregation Contract

In December 2022, EU energy ministers agreed to create a platform for the collective demand aggregation and joint procurement of gas, with a goal of providing up to 15% of gas, to fill each member country’s storage facilities up to 90% of capacity.

The platform will allow gas companies to contract either jointly or individually.

This week, the European Commission has awarded PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH with the contract.

With offices in Leipzig and Brussels,PRISMA operates Europe’s leading trading platform for gas capacities. It auctions interconnection capacities from 36 European transmission system operators to gas traders. The energy specialist connects 16 markets and 540 partners, and holds an annual volume of 1.75 billion auctions.

They will now set up and manage the operation of the platform, whose primary function will be the handling of all processes related to demand aggregation and joint purchasing.

The EU Commission hope to complete the first joint gas purchase contract with gas suppliers using PRISMA by this summer. The project kicks off with an in-depth study to define the necessary procurement processes and deliver future-proof, forward-looking solutions.

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