Transforming Public Procurement-Consultation Open

in December 2020, we shared the UK Government’s Green Paper consultation on ‘Transforming Public Procurement’ which outlines proposed measures to be included in the Procurement Bill. The Government’s response to the consultation was published in December 2021 including an analysis of 600 responses from government, industry, trade bodies and others. The Procurement Bill was then introduced in the House of Lords in May 2022, moving to the House of Commons in December. During this parliamentary process, amendments were made in a number of areas including to facilitate SME participation in public procurement; the National Procurement Policy Statement (NPPS) and social value; transparency thresholds; and national security.

The objective of the Procurement Bill is to help deliver a simpler and more transparent system that will deliver better value for money, while reducing costs for business and the public sector. The bill also proposes to make it easier for small businesses to work with the public sector.

With the Procurement Bill now reaching its next stage, consultation on the secondary legislation is required to implement the new bill . The consultation is split into two parts with this first part focusing on policy areas which require specific detail in secondary legislation.

The second part will focus on the transparency provisions and notices that will be used by Contracting Authorities to fulfil their legal requirements under the Act. It will also include information on the proposed approach to transitional arrangements for procurements already underway at the time that the new regime enters into force and the position on other legislation that will need to be amended in order for the full provisions of the Act to take effect.

The consultation is open until the 28th July 2023, with responses invited through the completion of this survey. Draft secondary legislation can be found here, with the policy paper available here.

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